Types of Progressive Slot Jackpots Online

Actually, there are 3 types of progressive jackpots in the casino. However, it does not depend on the casino game but it is an offer by the Casino.

Types of Progressive Slot Jackpots Online

Each jackpot takes into account the different levels of the prize pool generation.

  • Jackpot Stand-Alone

Jackpot Stand-Alone is daftar game slot joker the lowest prize for the winner. Perhaps the maximum reward is around $ 3,000. Because this jackpot os type generates a reward with one game slot. No connection to other slot machines to produce faster.

  • Jackpot In-House

In-House Jackpot gives the average prize to the winner. When the jackpot connects to all the same range of slot machines to generate a set of prizes. So, it can make a collection of prizes produce faster. Usually, at least you can win a random type of jackpot with a minimum value of $ 3,000.00 plus.

  • Jackpot Area

The Wide-Area Jackpot is the biggest jackpot, as it generates a collection of gifts with other Casinos in the electoral area. In other words, they Casino has cooperation between each other in the same city. In addition, you can win over 10 thousand cash prizes from this award. This is the biggest jackpot, but it will not appear in Malaysia. Because Malaysia only has a Casino in Genting Highland, and can not connect with other Casinos.

Progressive Jackpot in Playtech Slot Jackpot

At Playtech Slot Jackpot, they use the In-House Jackpot method to generate a prize set. They generate a set of prizes from each player bet. At Playtech Slot Casino, they have over a million players who play the game every day. So a gift set may be faster to generate and allow you all to trigger a reward. In research, there are many players that trigger Jackpot Playtech Slot from daily slots. It’s much easier to trigger the jackpot of the Playtech Slot Slot Game.

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By increasing the bet, you will win the Jackpot Playtech Slot more easily than the lesser bet. Sometimes, you can find slot games covering over 10 thousand prizes. That’s because no player maximizes bets on each line and can trigger a random jackpot. Then it is your time to maximize your bet and win the Jackpot Playtech Slot.

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