FORTUNEBET99 is the newest 2021 Dewa Poker online card gambling site in Indonesia and a trusted online poker agent from the IDN Poker serverofficial. FORTUNEBET99 has been established since 2016 so it already has thousands of active players every day. As the official IDNPLAY site, we also have an official license from Pagcor so that it guarantees the quality you will get when playing here. As the best poker gambling site, we provide the 10 most popular games in the country such as Texas Holder Poker, Ceme Online, Capsa Susun, DominoQQ, Ceme Keliling, Super10, Omaha, BlackJack, Superbull and our newest game, QQ Spirit. You can play all these games with only a minimum deposit of 10 thousand rupiah. The Asik Dewa Poker site is also well known as a poker agent that has the best security system because here we guarantee that there will be no chip loss or leakage of your personal data. Besides that, playing card gambling at FORTUNEBET99 is also very fun because here we guarantee a fair play game of 100% player vs player or no robots / admins are involved. This shows our commitment as the number 1 site to provide a sense of security and comfort for you when playing at FORTUNEBET99.

FORTUNEBET99 as an official poker agent will certainly be an easy place for you to create an idn account and experience the best poker games here. The account registration process at FORTUNEBET99 is very easy where you only need to press the register button on our site then you fill in the data according to the existing form such as filling in your username, password, email, phone number and bank data. However, if you find it difficult to register, you can contact our customer service who is ready to assist you in the registration process for the situs poker online terpercaya account. You can contact our customer service team through the services we provide such as livechat, whatsapp which are ready 24 hours online to help you. Any complaints or obstacles that you encounter will be assisted by our professional and friendly customer service. FORTUNEBET99 also guarantees that all the personal data that you have entered will not be leaked because we really take care of all your personal data. This is a form of our commitment asThe number 1 trusted online poker site in Indonesia. So you can play comfortably and safely without thinking about the security of the FORTUNEBET99 site.

The trusted IDN Poker Online site and the best IDNplay agent FORTUNEBET99 have many advantages over other qq poker gambling sites. Here you can play the 10 most popular card games in Indonesia using only 1 account. Here are the online card gambling games that you can play at Asik Dewa Poker:

Texas Poker Online is a game that is widely played by card gambling players around the world because this game is very popular both offline and online. The Texas Poker game is played by using playing cards and being dealt 2 cards at first which will later be combined so that it has a combination of 5 cards. The winner of the poker game is the player who has the highest combination of cards such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and High Card. This game is very popular and often found in casinos because many poker tournaments such as WSOP, Titan have very large prizes. Now you don’t need to go to the casino to play because you can play online at FORTUNEBET99.


The Ceme Online card game is a game similar to a domino card game, where to play it using domino cards. In this game each player will be dealt 2 cards and the winner is seen from the number of two cards owned. In addition, the online ceme game also has a dealer, the dealer is the player who has the largest capital. The dealer at the online ceme will compare or contest the number of card values ​​with all the players at the table.

The next game is Domino QIU QIU or Dominoqq is a card gambling game that uses domino cards. This domino game is played in a way that each player will get 3 cards at the beginning, then the player will be given the choice whether to continue to follow the game or withdraw from the game before the player is given the 4th card. If the player has a combination of dominoes worth 9 or qiu qiu then that player is the winner. This game can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 9 players. DominoQQ is also one of the popular card gambling games on the FORTUNEBET99 site.

Ceme Keliling is the same game as regular ceme or bandar ceme. However, in this game, every player has the opportunity to become a dealer, where in ordinary online games only players who have the most capital can become dealers. Meanwhile, in this mobile ceme game, each player can become a dealer in sequence in a clockwise direction. The ceme game also uses traditional cards, namely dominoes in the game.

The next game is also a popular game, where this game uses playing cards to play it. The capsa game also uses rankings or card combinations like in poker games, but the way the capsa game is a little different. How to play capsa stacking is that each player will be given 13 cards or each game must have 4 players at the table. Each player will arrange the 13 cards into 3 parts consisting of the first 3 cards and the second and third sections will be arranged as many as 5 cards to form the highest card combination. Each player will be compared card combinations from each part, so the player who has the highest card combination is the winner of this game.

This QQ-SPIRIT game is the latest game from idn, where this game uses traditional domino cards. This game is similar to the qq game, but the player can become a dealer after 3 periods of play in a clockwise direction or if the dealer does not have enough capital. In the QQSpirit game, the dealer cannot determine the amount of the bet so only the player can determine the amount of the bet on the game.

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Super10 game is a game that uses playing cards, this game is very easy to play and has similarities to the game of sakong or samgong. Each player will be given 3 cards. Every player who manages to get the highest value from a combination of 3 cards then that player becomes the winner in this Super10 game. The difference between this game and sakong or samgong is that the super10 game is played between players and players, while samgong/sakong is played between players and the dealer.

Omaha game is a game that is similar to online poker game that uses playing cards to play it. But it has a difference where in this game each player will be given 4 cards at first, after that the player will be given the opportunity to take the next 2 cards which will be made to become the highest card combination. The rules for the highest to lowest card combination in Omaha are the same as in poker.

The next game is a blackjack game where this new game also uses playing cards. This card gambling game may be very well known both in casinos and online or virtual as a card game with the number 21. Where in this game each player is given 2 cards at first, then counts the number of cards owned to get the highest card value, which is 21. Players can request additional cards from the dealer if the total value they have is still less than 21, but if the value of the card exceeds 21 then the dealer wins the game immediately. The player will be declared a direct blackjack if he gets the first 2 cards in the form of an ace and a card with a value of 10, the player will get a big win from the bet that has been entered.

Superbull is a game that also uses playing cards to play. This game is one of the newest online card gambling games from the idn poker server. To play this game, each table must have 2 to 6 players. Each player will be given 5 cards initially. To determine the winner, the players will compare the value of the cards they have with other players. Although this game is still new, it already has many fans who play this superbull.

We present all of these games as our tangible manifestation as the best and most trusted online poker site, so you will never feel bored when playing. Moreover, we also present the latest games which are certainly very exciting to play. You can only play these 10 card gambling games at FORTUNEBET99’s official idn poker agent.

The IDN POKER Online FORTUNEBET99 site is the best real money card online gambling site in Indonesia. We have the cheapest and most complete deposit system where to process deposits and withdrawals we already support bank transfers, e-wallet and credit. FORTUNEBET99 has a minimum deposit of 10 thousand, only with this deposit you can play and have the opportunity to become a millionaire from poker games. To process deposits and withdrawals using our bank, we are supported by the largest banks in the country such as Mandiri, BCA, DANAMON, CIMB, BRI and BNI banks. However, if you as a member do not have an account at a bank, we also accept credit transfer deposits and e-wallet. To use credit transfer, you only need to transfer to the phone number that we have provided, namely to XL and Telkomsel providers, FORTUNEBET99 also provides the cheapest credit deposit discounts, without credit discounts. Then the last is a deposit using an e-wallet or digital wallet where we accept transfers fromDANA , OVO, GOPAY and LINKAJA! We present all of these deposit processes to give you convenience so you don’t have to worry when you want to make a deposit or withdraw. All withdrawal or deposit processes will be processed by our highly skilled team so that the process will be carried out very quickly. Of course, this is a real form of the poker god as a trusted online poker agent.

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Of course when playing on the official idnplay site you expect to get a big bonus or jackpot. Here cool god poker is the right place, because as an official idnpoker agent we have jackpot bonuses and attractive promo promos that will be given to all of you. The FORTUNEBET99 online poker gambling site has a welcome bonus that will be given to new members of up to 300 thousand rupiah. Then there is also a daily deposit bonus of 5%, weekly turnover bonus of 0.3% where this bonus is calculated based on your total turnover during one week of play. For example, in one week your game has a turnover of 1 million, the bonus you can get is 100 million x 0.3% = 300 thousand rupiah, this bonus will be automatically distributed every Thursday into your account. So the greater your turnover amount, the greater the bonus you can receive. The next bonus is a birthday bonus, a monthly bonus or a monthly tournament that has the biggest prizes! The trick, you just need to play and collect the biggest turnover for the month, then you will immediately become the winner of the main prize without being drawn! The last bonus is a referral bonus of 20% which is valid for life, to get this bonus you only need to invite as many of your friends as possible to play on the idn poker FORTUNEBET99 site. The more friends you play, the bigger your bonus. So when do you want to start? Register now and get your hockey account here and achieve your dream of becoming a millionaire with our FORTUNEBET99 online poker site.

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