MARKASJUDI Online poker is a game game using playing cards that is played online. The poker game that we mean by ourselves is the texas holdem poker game. Poker itself is a type of card game that is played by 2-9 people at 1 table. This poker game, can be said to be a game that is calculated through the largest number of points from the cards that have been issued by the dealer/poker dealer. The highest points in the poker game itself are royal flash and staright. In addition, poker is a game by making card combinations that match the cards issued by the dealer. This online poker game, can be played using internet media and application media that have been provided by online poker providers such as idn poker.

IDN Poker is one of the largest online daftar poker online game providers or providers in Indonesia and in Asia. IDN Poker was founded around 2010 as an online poker gambling industry company headquartered in the Philippines. IDN Poker provides multiplayer gaming products that focus on Texas Holdem, Ceme, Capsa, Bandar Ceme Live Tournament Poker which targets the Asian market. It didn’t take long, IDN Poker managed to get an official license from First Cagayan Ceza which is the parent of the largest online poker provider in the world.

In 2013 which became the year of IDN poker popularity, idn poker officially recruited pokerdewi to become the official agent of idn poker to work together to build this online poker company more widely and known to many people, especially Indonesia. And sure enough, it wasn’t until 3 years that the online poker companies IDN Poker and PokerDewi were transformed into the largest and most sought after online poker companies by the Indonesian people to play online poker games until now. With applications and features that are always updated every year, IDN Poker is one of the most popular online poker providers because of the convenience for members to play poker online. Pokerdewi, who became the first official agent for IDN Poker, of course always adheres to a soup that has been carried out for years, which is to make it easier for members to play because the comfort and safety of members is the most important thing.

Pokerdewi is the largest and most trusted IDN Poker online poker site in Indonesia, which of course has an official license from Pagcor. Founded around 2013 Pokerdewi managed to grow rapidly and become the largest and most trusted online poker site and the most sought after by the Indonesian people for now. Due to the popularity of PokerDewi, it has succeeded in making members play comfortably, safe and calm, of course. Situ pokerdewi provides 10 interesting games that you can play with only 1 user id. With a minimum deposit of 10 thousand, you can already play all the games in it and have the opportunity to also get a global jackpot bonus of hundreds of millions of rupiah.

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Meanwhile, PokerDewi, who is the official IDNPLAY agent, also provides lots of games that you can play, of course, using real money. There are many types of card games, not only texas holdem poker that you can play. You can play the card games available on your website using only 1 user id. This online poker game, you can play using a PC or smartphone that is connected to the internet. So you can play it wherever and whenever you want. The types of card games that we provide are:

Mobile Ceme
That’s the game that we provide which of course uses the best features and appearance, so that when you play on the pokerdewi website, you will continue to feel safe, comfortable and smooth of course.

To provide comfort to members when betting, Pokerdewi, which acts as a Trusted Online Poker Site, provides a variety of attractive bonuses that are too bad for you to miss. Here are the bonuses that Pokerdewi offers to its members: New member bonus of 30%, Rollingan Bonus or turnover bonus of 0.5% which is given once a week on Mondays, and a 15% Referral Bonus which is equally tempting 20% ​​and distributed automatically by us on thursdays. In addition, we always hold various interesting events whose prizes are quite tempting. Not only that, Pokerdewi also provides a progressive jackpot worth hundreds of millions which is a shame for you to miss.

Then how to get the bonus that we provide?

Minimum Deposit IDR 50.000,- For you to get 30% New Member deposit bonus.
The maximum New Member Deposit Bonus is Rp. 50.000,-
Withdrawal terms from Turnover 5x the value of Deposit + Bonus.
Example of Deposit 100k 30k bonus, If you want to make a withdrawal then Turnover must have 650,000 declared valid to make a withdrawal.
The NEW Member bonus or new members will be withdrawn if the withdrawal or transfer of funds is carried out before reaching the requirements.
Withdrawals can be made at any time as long as the bank is online and is not in trouble with the bank.
Bonus claims must be via livechat on the Pokerdewi site no later than 1×24 hours.
Bonuses are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Pokerdewi has the right or can cancel the 30% bonus to members if there is fraud or irregularity. And freeze your account.
This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
Confirm first to the Pokerdewi site’s Livechat if you want to take part in this promo by mentioning the 30% Chip New Member Deposit Bonus Promo Code.
The bonus will be considered forfeited if there is a similarity of account name / same IP.
Promos can be terminated or unilaterally terminated from Pokerdewi without notice.
So that members owned by Pokerdewi do not experience difficulties when they want to make deposits and withdrawals. The Trusted IDN Poker Agent Pokerdewi presents more than 10 types of transactions, both through banks and through other payment media. The following are the types of transactions that you can make on Pokerdewi:

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Sampoerna Friends Bank
Transactions through digital wallets and credit deposits presented by the Pokerdewi Online Poker Site:

Docu Wallet
XL Axiata credit deposit
Telkomsel credit deposit
We also provide transactions via Credit Transfer. if you want to deposit using a credit transfer, the method is quite easy. Here’s how:

– Credit Transfer Using Telkomsel Provider:

Go to call menu
Write or dial *858*081371945933*Deposit No.#
– Credit Transfer Using XL Axiata Provider

Type : Share(Space)083133388999(Space)Deposit No.
Send SMS to 168
Many of the bettors consider the benefits that can be obtained on the Online Poker Sites where they bet. Now on the Pokerdewi site itself, we will describe what benefits you can get if you join and bet with us.

24 Hours Online Customer Service.
Complete with an official license that regulates gambling from BMMTestlabs & PAGCOR.
Sites That Are Easy To Access.
Minimum deposit IDR 10,000,-
Minimum Withdraw IDR 20,000,-
Fast and Friendly Service.
No Cheats or Robots.
Trusted Online Poker Site.
Many attractive bonuses for you.
We guarantee that your data will not be leaked.
Very interesting isn’t it? With the various attractive advantages that we provide, what still makes you hesitate to join us Pokerdewi!

Then how to Register Online Poker on the Best Online Poker Site Pokerdewi? The following are the steps you must take to join Pokerdewi:

The main thing that you must have for the process of creating a poker account is an active bank account.
If you already have an active bank account. Access the Pokerdewi site on your cellphone or computer browser.
After you enter the Pokerdewi main page, you can enter the list page by clicking on the list menu that we have provided.
If you have entered on the list page that we have provided, you will see an online form. Now you can fill in the provided fields according to the format. (we recommend entering valid data)
After all of the above you have done. You can confirm on the Pokerdewi site that you are a new member so you can get a new member bonus from us.
If you have, contact customer service or CS via live chat. You will be asked to make a deposit in order to get a new member bonus and you will be given an account number to make a deposit (make sure again that the account number provided is indeed active)
If you experience difficulties during the account creation process, you can ask our customer service for help to create an account for betting. You simply contact customer service and say that you want to create an account. After that you can submit the data requested by our customer service.

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Once you get an account, you cannot immediately bet. You have to top up your credits or chips to bet on Online Poker games. The following is the procedure for filling a balance or making a deposit at Pokerdewi:

Before you make a transfer, you must first ask for an active account number from our customer service via our live chat or whatsapp.
Make sure again that the account number is active and in accordance with the account you have
Transfer funds according to the minimum deposit that has been determined or more.
Account login.
After you log in to your account, you can immediately fill in the deposit form according to the funds you have transferred.
Waiting for confirmation from our customer service. After being confirmed by our customer service, you can immediately bet on the online poker game that you like.
The following are the procedures for Playing Poker Online specifically for Pokerdewi members to make it easy to win:

You must first choose which online poker game you like or are good at.
Understand the game rules of the online poker game.
Knowing the arrangement of cards or the order of cards.
You also have to know when to defend and when to attack.
Mastering the bluffing technique or the technique of scaring the opponent.
Don’t be too eager when betting and withdrawing if your winnings have reached 2x the capital you used.
How very easy is not it? Never be afraid to try bro. Hopefully you can benefit from every bet you play.

After you get enough profit when betting, you can immediately make the withdrawal process in the following way:

Make a withdrawal of funds from the game you are playing to your main balance.
Fill out the withdrawal form that we have provided.
Fill in the withdrawal format and enter the nominal you want to withdraw or withdraw.
Confirm to Customer Service and wait 1-2 minutes.
After confirmation by our customer service, you can directly check your account.

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