The Latest Update of the Pkv Games Server is a Must Try

STARBET99 At the end of this May, the pkv games server, which is the largest online card gambling in Indonesia, made changes to its application. This shows that the server really wants to carry out its duties as a game provider by updating its application with a more sophisticated system. Where in the context of updating the application, there is a significant difference. One of the main goals is to make it easier for users to make bets from the facilities provided.

Therefore, for those of you who are card gambling lovers, you should immediately try the pkv games application that has been updated to the latest. Feel the sensation of excitement and ease of playing with the newly launched system of the pkv games application. To give you an idea of ​​the changes in question, we provide some of the latest updates from the pkv games application. Where this must be known and must be tried for card gamblers. Of course, you will feel safer and more comfortable betting than before.

Latest Pkv Games Server Application Update Results

The right choice if you make bets in games from the pkv games server to make your online gambling career a success. Where with the change in the latest application update, it really helps the process of increasing the betting profit that is undertaken. With the ease of playing that is obtained, it certainly indirectly helps the winning process to be easier. The following are the results of the latest pkv games application updates, including:

  • New betting table view

In the process of playing agen dominoqq at the betting table from the new pkv games application, you get a different atmosphere. Where the display that usually displays a horizontal betting table becomes vertical. In our opinion, this makes it more interesting for players to make bets so they don’t get bored and it is very likely that this new version can bring abundant luck.

  • Transaction form menu is available
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The results of the new pkv games update make it even more interesting where previously players who wanted to make a deposit or wd transaction had to fill out the form, they could only log in via the browser. And the app used to be just a place to play or make bets. But now, the pkv games application has been filled with form deposit and wd menu features so that this is very helpful and accelerates players to play.

  • There is a secret question change menu available

It can be said that the update results from the pkv games server application have indeed made innovations that make it easier for users. Where is currently provided a menu to change the secret question. This menu will minimize users forgetting the secret questions they made and can change them at any time if they don’t remember them. The function of this secret question is quite important, namely to maintain the security of the account.

  • Password change menu is available menu

So currently members or using the pkv games application can change passwords at any time in it. Where usually to change the password account must go through a browser login and can’t go through the application. But this time the pokerv server made it easy by providing it also in the application it created.

  • Available language options

The application from the pokerv server also provides language features. So players can change the language in the application as desired. Here are some languages ​​provided such as English, Chinese, Indonesian. Thailand and Vietnam.

The conclusion that we can get from the results of application updates from pkv games is that it will be easier for members to make bets and chase wins in the facilities provided. That way you must try and don’t leave the betting opportunities that all players expect from the pokerv server.

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