Real Money Online Samgong Game


FORTUNEBET99 The Samgong Online Real Money Card Game is one of the most popular online playing card games after Online Poker, based on a traditional card game with different names for each region, such as Sakong or Sakikong or Sanggong or Sam Gong or Samgong 99 Game.

Why the Samgong Online Card Game is very popular, this is because the way to play the Samgong Online Game is very easy to understand and easy to play so that with just a little luck you can bring home the victory.

How to Play Samgong Game Online Real Money
How to play the Samgong Online Real Money Game is very simple, at the beginning of the game you will be divided into 2 cards first, then the last card is distributed so that each player gets 3 cards, whoever has a number close to 10 then he comes out as the winner.

However, if there is a player who gets a Three Kind Picture consisting of 3 combinations of cards such as King, Queen, Jack then that player is immediately declared the winner, even though there are other players who get a maximum value of 10.

If there are 2 or more players who have the same values ​​(the highest value in the round) then the winner will be determined by the player who has the highest card (K – A) and if the highest card is the same then the winner will be determined the flower from the highest card the.

That’s a complete tutorial on how to play the Samgong Online Game, now agen samgong you just have to decide which agent you want to play Samgong Online for Real Money, which can provide comfort while playing for extra income.

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Real Money Samgong Online Game Agent
Remi88 is the largest Samgong Online Game Agent or Samgong Online Dealer in Indonesia at this time, in collaboration with IDN Play Indonesia to provide the best service both from the server side, display and registration services for Samgong Online members, Sakong Deposits for Real Money and Withdraws for Sanggong Online.

Playing Samgong Online at the Sakong Online Agent or Samgong Gambling Agent Remi88 is the right choice because Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi is a world-famous Samgong Online Gambling Bandar in Indonesia because of its experience, professionalism and reliability.

List of Real Money Samgong Online Games
For those of you who want to play with Remi88, you can register for Samgong Online Real Money Games quickly and for free by filling out the Samgong Online Account Register form provided below using correct and complete personal data.

You can also register for Samgong Poker by contacting Remi88 customer service which is online 24 hours non-stop every day through the Samgong Online Remi88 Livechat service in the lower right corner or the official Remi88 contact number available below.

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