Advice To Betting College Football Online

Study the teams before a game. Know what each team’s strength and weakness is. If you have a strong running offense going up against a weak running defense, that makes for a good prop bet for the running back and possibly a good play overall for that team.

Beware of traps. Look ahead games and letdown games are perfect examples. In 1993, Notre Dame had an emotional win against Florida State in a battle of No. 1 vs. No. 2. The next week, a 13-point favorite against Boston College, Notre Dame lost the game at home and lost their chance for a national championship. This happens a lot in college football.

Teams have a hard time staying up for a game soccer daftar judi bola online against a weaker opponent following a big win. Look ahead games are dangerous, too. If Florida is playing Vanderbilt and is -28 and plays a huge game against Alabama the following week, there is some value on Vanderbilt. Many times, they are so focused on the game in two weeks, they overlook the team now.

Advice To Betting College Football Online

Be careful of huge favorites. Backdoor covers are real possibilities. Ohio State may be favored by 40-points against Illinois and may get ahead by 42 points and empty out their bench and sit their starters in the fourth quarter. Next thing you know, it’s Illinois’ starters against Ohio State’s backups and Illinois scores a late touchdown and covers the number. If you like a big favorite to demolish a team, it’s many times safer to play the first half number rather than the game. This eliminates the backdoor cover. Or look at teasing the game down a touchdown.


Many times if you like a +3 or +7, look at the money line number. Close to 50% of teams that are +3 underdogs and cover the number also win the game. You can end up getting a value of +150 instead of -110 or close to that. It’s a little tougher at +7, but still around 31% of teams that cover a game at +7 win the game outright.

The first week of the season can be the toughest week to bet because quite simply, you don’t know the teams yet. Look at playing teams who are returning their quarterback and a lot of starters and going up against teams who have new quarterbacks and are more in a rebuilding mode. Teams that have a lot of new starters, especially a new quarterback and a new coach, tend to start off the year slower compared to teams who are picking up where they left off from a year ago.

There are a lot of points in college football. There tends to be more value on the higher numbers, the over point totals and the overs in yardage props, especially the Big 12 teams. Look at going over many times in the longest touchdown scored in the game. It hit 64% of the time last year.

Listen to the experts. You want to do your own homework, but you also want to hear what experts that do this for a living and win 60%+ of the time have to say and why they say it. Research some of the best college football bettors out there and look for their opinions. Many of them go on the radio and give their opinions out or write articles. Sometimes you have to pay for more plays, which is up to you if you want to do that, but many times they give you a couple plays free.

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